Behold The King (Part 3)

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$ 95.00
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Part Three (Series of three)

Joy to the World…Behold The King…

To you I bring joy and peace in Behold the King, my third and final Santa print in the Joy to the World series. The subtle symbolism incorporated throughout this manger scene reflects a pure love, a perfect life … the Son of God. Upon careful examination, each of us is represented in this print.

Like the shepherd boy, many know the absolute joy and peace experienced through a relationship with the King. However, some are like the shepherds in the distance…recognizing Christ as King and slowly making that return journey to His side. Others are like the little lost lamb that is now searching but looking in the wrong direction. The angel in the heavens represents those who have known Christ and have passed on.

Santa comes bearing gifts to the Christ child. “Faith” and “Hope” are at his side, while he personally carries “Love”.

As we celebrate Christmas, may we each take time to share the wonderful story of Christ with others, that they may “Behold the King.”


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